Great Replacement of Euro-Canadians

Article author: 
Andrew Lanrik
Article publisher: 
Council of European Canadians
Article date: 
25 June 2022
Article category: 
National News
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A recent National Post article has reported that ‘[m]illions of Canadians believe in white replacement theory’ – according to a new Abacus poll....

Of those who believe in the White replacement theory, 49% had right-wing political views; 41% were centrists; and 21% had left-wing views....

But one cannot deny that White-majority nations in Europe and North America are having their native White populations dwindle as a proportion of their total population whilst the foreign-born population increases due to immigration and other policies set forth by our leaders and decision-makers....

Additionally, there are ongoing attacks – literal and metaphorical – on European heritage: from the tearing down of statues and the burning and vandalisation of churches to media and corporate campaigns that target and dilute the native populations’ national identity, character, and history whilst bolstering the prominence of the non-native. The trajectory seems obvious: European heritage, culture, and its diaspora peoples are replaceable....

If this endeavour was about replacing conservatives with progressives, then our leaders would be focusing on bringing in Norwegians, Finns, and Danes. But they’re not. They’re focusing on Indians, Chinese, and Nigerians....


The Oligarchy Unmasked, by Charles Danten, Council of European Canadians, 23 June 2022

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Video interview with director of Immigration Watch Canada, Dan Murray, RAIR Foundation USA, Published on Vlad Tepes blog, 26 June 2022. The Great Replacement is in full force in Trudeau's Canada, as it is in the Biden Regime's America, and of course, in Europe.