Great Replacement Update

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El Paso Border Invasion: Video Shows Massive Rush Toward Border
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A.W. Morgan
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5 October 2023
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National News
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If Traitor Joe Biden gets his way, in another few weeks, El Paso might no longer be an American city. It will be a Venezuelan slum. Recent video from Univision shows Biden’s Great Replacement illegals, most of them Venezuelans, madly storming the border.


... El Paso is near collapse, with 2,000 illegals per day invading the city as of September 24 [El Paso, Texas ‘at a breaking point’ amid jump in migration, mayor says, by Sharon Bernstein, Reuters, September 24, 2023]

The city’s Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard reports that the Border Patrol has released 25,276 illegals in the last three weeks, and otherwise depicts a city under siege...

Abbott must provoke a secession crisis to stop the Biden Regime from destroying what’s left of our country.


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