The Great Sovereignty Reclamation Movement

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A proud nationhood is one that fights to secure its customs, folkways, and traditions.
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American Spectator
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8 April 2022
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Our American Future
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... A look around the world at this present juncture suggests an emerging consensus: We the people, through our own internal deliberations and our own political processes, should decide the fate of our own nation-states. Recent or ongoing examples in Hungary, France, Ukraine, and Israel are all instructive. For political actors paying attention here on the American home front, there are clear and compelling lessons to take away....

In Hungary last Sunday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who had been facing relatively tight polling in the lead-up to the national election, cruised to a fourth term.... The key lesson from Hungary: A proud nationhood is one that fights to secure its customs, folkways, and traditions from the overweening, heavy hand of the liberal imperium (here, the Brussels-based European Union)....

In France... President Emmanuel Macron, who despite his occasional anti-woke musings is pro-European integration and firmly center-left, finds himself in a political dogfight.... The key lesson from France: The liberal imperium faces an existential threat...

The key lesson from Ukraine: The interdependent bonds of mutual loyalty that tie together a particular people, such as commonality of language, heritage, and general mannerisms, can lead to extraordinary things amidst intense threat of revanchism....

Looking back at the 2016 tidal wave of the United Kingdom’s dramatic “Brexit” and the dramatic election of President Donald Trump, and continuing through today, the great sovereignty reclamation movement is alive and thriving... The nation-state, and the tangible flourishing of the nation-state’s people, must always come first. There is no more important lesson for a decadent, late-stage republic to imbibe.