Half a Million Apply: California's Immigrant Driver License Program by the Numbers

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DMV had expected to reach the half-million milestone in July 2015
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One state at a time, Americans are slowly learning just how many illegal aliens we actually have here and not what the U.S. government has been telling us-
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R. Stickney
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NBC San Diego
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4 April 2015
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National News
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New information released Friday from the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows the agency has received nearly twice the number of applications for driver licenses from undocumented immigrants as projected ...

Immigrant advocates have cheered the licenses as a way to integrate immigrants who must drive to work and shuttle children to school ...

Critics have questioned state officials' ability to verify the identity of foreign applicants, citing security concerns ...

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Colorado is experiencing the same thing with our Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens-grossly underestimating how many illegal aliens are living here, along with their foreign-born forced American educated children and their Anchor Baby citizen children.