Has Biden Already Won Arizona in 2024 Thanks to Lawfare?

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Rachel AlexanderRachel Alexander
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14 December 2023
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National News
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News and analysis of the 2024 elections tend to focus on polls, which currently bode well for President Donald Trump. But that optimistic talk glosses over the continuing issues of election illegalities that helped torpedo Trump in 2020, and that still loom. The lawfare that helped defeat him three years ago is still there, grinding away,..

Nowhere is the continuing threat of anti-MAGA lawfare clearer than in Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has become, along with Georgia, the quintessential swing state. Whoever wins it will almost certainly be the next president. Yet Arizona also has become a leader in the vicious leftist lawfare that kneecapped MAGA political campaigns in 2020 and 2022. Until patriots can defeat the lawfare that has helped turn Arizona purple, if not a lasting blue, prospects for 2024 are not nearly as positive as Trump backers would like...

Because they have successfully targeted the law licenses of conservative lawyers, it is nearly impossible for MAGA candidates in the state to find counsel to challenge election illegalities...