Hillary Clinton: Illegal Aliens Should Be Allowed to Get Obamacare

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22 March 2016
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National News
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Hillary Clinton told CNN that she supports illegal [alien] immigrants being able to enroll in taxpayer-funded Obamacare.
Illegal immigrants should be able to get Obamacare plans because it is “moral” and also because it will keep “ourselves healthy” to make sure the illegals who share our country with us are healthy, she said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday night.
Clinton has been trying to force her way to the left of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on illegal immigration issues during the contentious Democratic primary process, with seemingly little regard for how such views will play in the general election...
Clinton said that she is not yet ready to give taxpayer-funded subsidies to illegal immigrants, but suggested that an amnesty for illegal immigrants would allow them to get subsidies, worth roughly $5,000 per person per year...


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