Honduran President: Illegal Aliens Motivated by Hope of Amnesty

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Kristin Tate
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21 June 2014
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National News
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The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, recently said that the tidal wave of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. from Central America can be attributed to the fact that many believe they will get amnesty. The Obama Administration's rhetoric and actions surrounding the immigration surge have led many in Central America to think they will not be deported if they come into the U.S. illegally--and indeed, most of the thousands of children that continue to cross the border will likely get to stay in the country...

World of mouth has apparently spread to Central America that hundreds of foreign minors are receiving what is perceived to be "amnesty." This has likely prompted more hopeful hopefuls to journey into the U.S. illegally.

Breitbart Texas contributing editor and border security expert Sylvia Longmire said, "The statements made by the Honduran president are interesting on two levels. While he clearly speaks to the criminal threats in his country, he's also very clear about the rumors being spread in Honduras about lax immigration enforcement in the US--something that directly contradicts statements by White House and DHS officials."...