How American Citizens Finance $18.5 Billion In Health Care For Illegal Aliens

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Chris Conover
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27 February 2018
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National News
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... Current federal policy is to prohibit federal tax funding of health care to undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] through either Medicaid or Obamacare. Nevertheless, rough estimates suggest that the nation's 3.9 million uninsured [illegal] immigrants who are undocumented likely receive about $4.6 billion in health services paid for by federal taxes, $2.8 billion in health services financed by state and local taxpayers, another $3.0 bankrolled through "cost-shifting" i.e., higher payments by insured patients to cover hospital uncompensated care losses, and roughly $1.5 billion in physician charity care. In addition to these amounts, illegal immigrants likely benefit from at least $0.9 billion in implicit federal subsidies due to the tax exemption for nonprofit hospitals and another $5.7 billion in tax expenditures from the employer tax exclusion.

All told, Americans cross-subsidize health care for illegal immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year . Of this total, federal taxpayers provided $11.2 billion in subsidized care to undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] in 2016 ...



Taxpayers Fund Illegal Aliens - The Earned Income Tax Credit Scam, The Social Contract, Winter 2018.

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