How Southlake, Texas, Won Its Battle against Critical Race Theory

Article author: 
Rich Lowry
Article publisher: 
National Review
Article date: 
3 June 2021
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National News
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It was the weekend that changed politics in Southlake, Texas, forever.

At the end of July last year, word began to spread of a quiet effort by the school board to pass a so-called Cultural Competence Action Plan, a critical race theory-inspired effort to ingrain woke racial politics in the town’s schools.
The outrage was instant and, as it turns out, highly consequential. Opponents of the plan eventually swept the school-board races last month, garnering national attention and giving opponents of critical race theory a signature victory at the local level...
Cam Bryan, who ended up running for school board on the conservative slate, says everyone realized “if they can take Southlake, they can take any place.”
Of course, they didn’t. It’s worth delving in detail into Southlake’s successful pushback because it should be a model for conservative parents confronted by the similar situations around the country....

The overwhelming sense from the plan is that it would have created a regime to constantly hector students about diversity and inclusion, snitch on them for any alleged offenses, and then hold them accountable for them....

The uprising was almost instantaneous....


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