ICE agents arrest 42 people in Colorado and Wyoming in five-day operation

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Why were only 42 illegal aliens apprehended out of thousands?
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Denver Post
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27 September 2019
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Colorado News
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Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested 42 people in Colorado and Wyoming in a five-day operation that ended Wednesday, ICE officials announced Thursday afternoon.
John Fabbricatore, acting field director based in Denver, spoke at a news conference in Centennial, to announce the arrests. The event was part of a national ICE effort to call out local law enforcement agencies that it deems uncooperative because they decline to hold people beyond their normal release dates because of immigration detainers....
Thirty-six people were from Mexico, and the rest were from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil and Kenya, ICE said....
Nine of those arrested had pending criminal charges, said ICE spokeswoman Alethea Smock.

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