ICE Cancels Enforcement Agreements with 32 Local Partners

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- Colorado State Patrol among them
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Jessica Vaughan
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The Center for Immigration Studies
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31 December 2012
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National News
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Last week, ICE quietly announced that it was terminating 32 local enforcement task force partnerships, known as 287(g) agreements, some of which have been operating successfully for as long as ten years. This follows the revocation earlier this year of seven other task force agreements in Arizona. ICE has offered no specific reasons for the cancellation of these agreements, other than that it thinks it can do a better job without its local partners ...

Since ICE no longer shares the good news on 287(g) task forces, I will. These are some of the programs that ICE terminated: 

1. A Colorado State Patrol unit dedicated to apprehending and investigating alien and drug smugglers operating on Colorado highways, which made more than 2,000 arrests and resulted in a steep drop in the number of highway fatalities.

2. A Florida national security and terrorism investigative unit that arrested non-citizens caught surveilling critical infrastructure targets and working in airports and seaports.

3. A Frederick County, Md., unit that arrested drunk and unlicensed drivers, transnational gang members, and other serious offenders.

4. A Collier County, Fla., task force whose 287(g) training prevented the release and escape of a man who murdered his 8-month old daughter, also wanted for child rape and firearms offenses (and hundreds of other non-citizen offenders).

5. A Beaufort County, S.C., task force focused on gang members, identity fraud rings, and illegal employment.

6. An Alabama unit dedicated to investigating identity fraud at the state motor vehicle agency.

7. A Georgia state patrol unit focused on alien smuggling.


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