ICE deports 40 per week from Denver using chartered plane

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Deportees are kept in handcuffs through the journey
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Denver Channel
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27 December 2017
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Colorado News
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... Some deportees who are headed to interior parts of Mexico are later flown to Mexico City...

Hector Alfonso Nunez Beltran, 28, was about to board the day we visited. He said he has lived in America since his parents illegally brought him when he was a year old.

Nunez has a criminal record that includes giving marijuana to a young boy and publicly smoking and possessing marijuana in Utah – where recreational marijuana use is not legal. He also has a record for resisting arrest and third-degree assault...



While the article plays up the DREAMer sob story, the reader should note that this 28 year adult - oops, "child" - has in fact committed multiple crimes.