ICE halts all family visits to immigration detention facilities and federal prisons shut down visitation amid the coronavirus crisis

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Daily Mail UK
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15 March 2020
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National News
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  • ICE and Bureau of Prisons separately banned visitations starting Friday
  • Immigration detainees will no linger be able to receive social visits
  • Visitation is also barred for inmates at all 122 federal correctional facilities
  • ICE and BOP both say they have no known cases of coronavirus yet

In separate moves, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the federal Bureau of Prisons have banned outside visitors from all dentention facilities and prisons due to the coronavirus pandemic.

ICE officials said there were no detainees who had confirmed cases of coronavirus, and that canceling visitation was precautionary to 'further safeguard those in our care.'
ICE is holding about 37,888 immigrants [illegal aliens] in more than 130 facilities including local jails and prisons...