ICE spends millions flying illegal immigrant children across US

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Fox News
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27 May 2016
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National News
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The Obama administration has spent at least $18.5 million to fly “unaccompanied children” caught crossing into the country illegally to locations inside the United States, according to newly obtained figures ...  

The administration, which continues to grapple with waves of Central American migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of minors, has defended the practice as appropriate ...

The ICE figures show that from June 8, 2014 to Sept. 30, 2015, ICE spent $4.8 million on charter flights for the children (ICE could not provide figures before that period). From March 2009 to Sept. 30, 2015, ICE spent $13.7 million on commercial flights for unaccompanied minors utilizing funds appropriated to ICE ...

“While ICE has spent millions of taxpayer dollars flying these young migrants to ... their chosen destination, it has not taken any action against their illegal alien family members who paid to have them smuggled to the United States,” the Senate source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said ...

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