If Mexican Immigrants Can Demand Cinco De Mayo, Why Can’t British (And Canadian, Etc.) Immigrants Demand Boxing Day?

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Peter Brimelow
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26 December 2019
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Our American Future
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Part of what the French call "The Great Replacement" of the white nations is the imposition of alien celebrations. The most obvious is Cinco de Mayo, lovingly chronicled by VDARE.com here, exposed as a Hanukkah-style fake by our Allan Wall here.

In this spirit, I (on behalf my fellow immigrants from Britain and the former British Empire) want to propose the importation of Boxing Day, December 26, the day after Christmas Day, equally recognized with Christmas Day as a public holiday in Britain, Canada, Australia etc. Unlike Cinco De Mayo, this would actually be a useful holiday, for example for the millions of trypotophan-trashed Americans faced with the prospect of struggling back to work after Christmas Day....

Reinforcing Christmas Day—still specified in law as a federal holiday—will bring home that it really is a day "different from all others."