If Schumer And Pelosi Don’t Think Walls Work For Border Security, They Can Talk To Me. I Saw Them Work In Iraq.

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Alan Wall
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19 December 2018
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National News
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Earlier, by Allan Wall (2006) Memo From Mexico | Iraq Effort Proves We Can Seal The Border—If We Want...

Walls work. I saw how effectively they work when I deployed with the Texas Army National Guard to Iraq in 2005. Walls and fences were everywhere. They were the prime means for protecting bases and even towns.

The U.S. occupation was at its height. What the Coalition had accomplished infrastructure-wise was truly amazing. The U.S. had 100 military bases throughout Iraq, all of which had to be secured and guarded. Barriers, checkpoints, guard towers and patrols protected every single one. Security was the    No. 1 priority at every base....

The Pelosi-Schumer Democrats do not oppose a wall because it won’t work. They oppose it because it will work. It will cut off the stream of future Democratic voters who have already done so much to dispossess the Historic American Nation.
Trump must ignore McConnell and those advocating surrender. He must not sign any bill that does not include wall funding.
Immigration helped elect him in 2016. And it might just help defeat him in 2020 if he cries uncle now.
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