Is Illegal Immigration Behind Soaring U.S. Murder Rate?

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Pat McKim
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Article date: 
2 August 2015
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Our American Future
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...New U.S. government reports show in the last year murder rates in American cities have spiked dramatically as well. The list below show some of the highest increases:

Chicago                       ^ 20%              (Sanctuary City)

New Orleans               ^  33%             (Sanctuary City)

St Louis                       ^ 36%              (Bad Politician-Police Relations)

Houston                      ^ 50%              (Sanctuary City)

Baltimore                    ^ 60%              (Sanctuary City, Bad Politician-Police Relations)

Milwaukee                  ^ 85%              (Sanctuary City)

Milwaukee has become a war zone.

Living with gunshots in Milwaukee, as in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, has become a way of life. There, eighty percent of gunshots picked up by sensors used by law enforcement go unreported to police. Sounds like a war zone to me...

Law enforcement officials are in a quandary as to why.

They cite increased gang violence and drugs. Yet, isn’t that the problem in Mexico? Some also cite poor political support of police by politicians. Yet neither a Fox News or a USA Today report names illegal immigration as even part of the problem...