Illegal immigration has placed our country on trial

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James D. Kellogg
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Post Independent
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19 August 2014
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National News
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Word has spread far south that the United States is the land of entitlement. Each month, tens of thousands of people flood across our border with Mexico. From the moment they illegally set foot on American soil, advocates ensure the “rights” of new arrivals are upheld. Those who disregard our sovereignty are a new protected class, and illegal immigration has placed America on trial ...

Detainees tell immigration officials that media in their home countries reports that anyone who makes it into the United States will be protected and allowed to stay. They know about President Obama’s controversial authorization of the Dream Act, which aims to legalize young illegal immigrants. News that undocumented immigrants can get driver’s licenses and work permits in the U.S. has also traveled far.

The real lottery ticket for young illegal immigrants is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which grants an asylum hearing (aka., deportation hearing) to any child who doesn’t originate from a border nation. The White House is pushing to expand the program to include the parents ...

With our own law preventing us from simply sending illegal aliens home, immigration processing facilities along much of our 2,000-mile southern border are crammed beyond capacity. Undocumented people are being bused and flown to military bases and dozens of Health and Human Services shelters in other parts of the country ...

Worst of all, the character of law-abiding U.S. citizens is under assault. Activists level charges of racism against those who demand enforcement of immigration law, equating deportation with discrimination. When conservatives express the desire to preserve American culture, which is rooted in independence and responsibility and not race, the left castigates them as racist bigots ...

It is common sense, not racism or bigotry, to preserve U.S. sovereignty and the rule of law that governs our nation. The true racists and bigots are those on the left who assassinate the character of those who believe America is the land of equal opportunity for those who abide by the rules. Legal immigration must be the only path to constitutional rights, otherwise a “guilty” verdict is certain for America ...

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Pete Kolbenschlag ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Mountain West Strategies
Children seeking refugee status and turning themselves in at the border are, in fact, following US law, signed by GW Bush. An honest columnist would at least acknowledge that, and a decent paper would require that their columnists, even those penning opinion, base their work on fact. But I am not holding my breath for either. Don't like the law--then call Scott Tipton and tell him to do his damn job and go back to work where he sucks six-figures from the American people annually, and pass immigration reform. Instead we get a photo op of him wasting our money at Sam's Club, ironically enough talking up canned peaches (that require cheap labor). Bunch of Do-Nothings Know-Nothings IMO ...

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