Illegal immigration: A rising and dangerous tide

Article author: 
Michael Shapira
Article publisher: 
Washington Times
Article date: 
2 April 2013
Article category: 
Our American Future
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...This year alone, American taxpayers are footing a $113 billion bill to ensure that illegal immigrants receive free education, health care, and other services...

Studies by the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) estimate that 50 percent of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal immigrants.

Some of these gangs, like the 204th Street Gang, have undertaken efforts to ethnically cleanse their neighborhoods of African-American residents...

Meanwhile, police officers in Los Angeles are not allowed to arrest individuals who have illegally entered the country. Many officers know the names and locations of dangerous gang members who are illegally residing here but are powerless to do anything about it due to the Los Angeles “sanctuary law,” Special Order 40, which prohibits officers from questioning or apprehending someone for just an immigration violation, thus preventing police from enforcing immigration laws...



In the following video tribute to the late talk show radio host Terry Anderson, Terry talks about racial crimes against Blacks in Los Angeles. See congressional testimony two minutes into the video.