Immigrants Seriously Displacing American Workers; Political Class Doesn’t Want To Know.

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20 February 2022
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National News
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Of course the White House crowed about January’s stronger-than-expected jobs report [Biden takes victory lap with January jobs report, by Nick Niedzwiadek, Politico, February 4, 2022 ]   But what’s surprising—well, maybe not surprising given Conservatism Inc. general brain-deadness—is that the GOP had no clear response[Biden-era job growth is so good, the GOP is literally speechless, by Steve Benen, MSNBC, February 7, 2022]. What both missed: much or all of that job growth, depending which measure you use, was taken by immigrants. And the growth in the immigrant labor force was even greater still. Oh, and wage growth—nominal wage growth minus inflation—was actually negative....

Bottom line: even in this confused labor market, the Biden Rush is finally showing up in the employment data. Native-born Americans are being seriously displaced and immigrants, legal and illegal, are seizing most or all the fruits of the expansion. The Political Class, Democrat and Republican, doesn’t want to know.