Immigration bill contains 400 waivers, exceptions and exemptions

Article author: 
Neil Munro
Article publisher: 
The Daily Caller
Article date: 
18 April 2013
Article category: 
National News
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The Senate’s pending immigration bill includes roughly 400 exemptions, exceptions, waivers, determinations and grants of discretion.

The bill’s complexity is forcing opponents and supporters to comb through its 844 pages before they can declare their conditional support or opposition to the high-stakes measure...

The document mentions “discretion” or “discretionary” 41 times.

It mentions “judge” or “judges” 73 times, and mentions “secretary” 1018 times, normally as the people who decide whether to apply a waiver, exemption, determination or exception...

The bill mentions “exempt” or “exemption” 18 times...

“Except” appears 156 times in the document.