Immigration crisis is a political conundrum

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CNN Newswire
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17 July 2014
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National News
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An urgent humanitarian situation has become a major political conundrum.

The surge of Central American children illegally crossing the border into Texas has politicians debating possible responses while scattered protests against the influx threaten to become an organized movement in coming days.

Even fellow Democrats are criticizing President Barack Obama’s administration over the issue likely to linger through the November congressional elections.

Here’s a look at Wednesday’s developments:

Rising Anger

“We are being invaded!” screams a flyer urging nationwide protests this weekend against the tens of thousands of youngsters coming to America on their own from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The July 18-19 “National Day of Protesting Against Illegal Immigration, Amnesty and the Border Surge” has a host of right-wing groups participating and promises more than 250 demonstrations at state capitols, Mexican consulates “and on streets and overpasses coast to coast, including Hawaii and Alaska” ...

Congress mulls over the issue

Obama met Wednesday with Hispanic lawmakers and then House Democrats to seek support for his emergency funding request to respond to the border crisis ...

Democratic split

Privately, Democrats acknowledged a divided Senate caucus, with some wanting to maintain the existing legal rights while others were ready to drop the fight to secure more funding before Congress goes on its five-week summer recess at the end of July.

Signs of the divide on the political left extended beyond Congress ...