Immigration Hearing -- Wheels Coming Off 'Gang of 8' Immigration Reform

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22 April 2013
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National News
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On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee [was] holding a marathon hearing on immigration reform. Breitbart News will bring you the latest information from inside the Committee...


Sessions then counted out loud how he reached 30 million. “Amnesty itself would provide legalization for about 11 million. The backlog is 4.5. According to the Los Angeles Times, the future flow would be 50 percent of all future flow and that would be about 15 million. So, over 10 [years], that’s around 30.”

“Krikorian, you want to comment on that?” Sessions asked Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“Well I haven’t done the numbers. But it makes sense,” Krikorian responded.

“Is anyone promoting numbers?” Sessions asked the entire panel.

None of the pro-Gang of Eight witnesses or the anti-Gang of Eight witnesses spoke.

“I think that’s one of the issues I think people have is getting actual numbers,” Krikorian soon answered...