Immigration Is the Real Issue

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Man's World
Article date: 
27 August 2023
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National News
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Immigration is the real issue.

Build the wall. Deport illegals. Make America great again.

Let me save the America First candidates of the future a boatload of money on consultants. Concentrate on immigration. The GOP’s key to victory is right there. Trump’s 2016 magic hasn’t gone anywhere. The politics of national existence is a winning issue.

The aim of any “heir” to the Trump energy must focus on what got him elected in the first place—Americans want their country back. They don’t want to be displaced by the third world. They don’t want Mexican drug gangs, the opioid crisis, and bad schools. They don’t want ever-skyrocketing housing prices and an ever-growing underclass (or overclass) fed from a steady overseas supply...

The solution isn’t hard, but it requires force of will. It requires that conservatives act like men...

The state is at war with the people. Act accordingly...

The future belongs to the young men of the right.

And make no mistake, we are going to win.