Is Immigration Really A "Jewish Value"?

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Kevin McDonald
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5 April 2014
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National News
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... Jewish organizations are unanimous in support of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge drive. This support for liberal immigration laws has a long history - the granddaddy of them all being the 40-year campaign to enact the 1965 immigration law that opened the door to heavy immigration of all the peoples of the world.... A similar wall-to-wall Jewish lobbying effort in California is aimed at limiting deportations of illegal aliens...

Clearly, from the mainstream Jewish perspective, swamping the historic American nation with peoples from all over the world is nothing less than a moral imperative. The tacit assumption: Jews are ethically superior - motivated by a unique set of specifically Jewish values that make them support displacement-level immigration into Western societies...

Given that these sentiments are so central to the mainstream Jewish community in the US, you would expect that Jews in Israel would welcome immigrants from Africa and elsewhere with open arms.

But of course you would be wrong. African immigrants are mistreated, rounded up, and deported. Even African Jews have been subjected to a variety of indignities, including being given long-acting Depo Provera birth control shots.

Some American Jews are willing to say frankly that their interest is in Israel remaining a Jewish state, which would be compromised by African immigration. An Orthodox rabbi explains:

Rationally, though, we recognize that every nation must place limits on the number of foreigners who wish to reside there. … In a country with approximately six million Jews, and over a million Arabs, the character and culture of the Jewish state will be diluted once a critical mass of non-Jews is allowed to permanently reside there. If the gates are completely open, Israel can be overrun with another million or more foreigners - non-Jews who do not share the values and destiny of the Jewish people, and the Jewish State will begin to evaporate. Obviously, the Torah recognizes limitations on a non-Jews’ right to live in the land of Israel.

[Jewish Values Online, undated]

...Rather than a universalist ethic, traditional Jewish ethics made strong distinctions in the morality of actions depending on whether Jews or non-Jews were involved...

...we should be aware of the real ethnic interests involved: Diaspora Jewish groups in the West see themselves as benefiting from displacement-level immigration because it lessens the power of the White majority...

As Leonard Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society once put it, when asked why his organization was importing Somali Muslims: “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are."...