Immigration Reform 2013: The Road to Socialism Is Paved With Amnesty

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Ying Zh-Ye
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2 June 2013
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National News
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As the U.S. is recovering from the Great Recession, Americans in general consider the economy, jobs, and budget deficit as their top priority. However, it is a critical moment for them to carefully examine current immigration bills, which are making remarkable progress in both the Senate and House. These bills amount to amnesty. By legalizing 11 million [to 40 million] unlawful immigrants [illegal aliens] , the amnesty would likely have negative long-term impacts to this nation financially and politically.

The Fiscal Cost Of Amnesty

A recent analysis released by the Heritage Foundation claims that "over a lifetime, the unlawful immigrants [illegal aliens] together would receive $9.4 trillion in government benefit and services and pay $3.1 trillion in taxes. They will generate a lifetime fiscal deficit of $6.3 trillion." This analysis is based on the finding that “half of unlawful immigrant households are headed by an individual with less than a high-school degree, and another 25% of household heads have only a high-school degree.”

$6.3 trillion sounds enormous, but it's fairly accurate, given the scope of current social welfare programs...

There is a competing theory by the CATO Institute, which suggests that legalizing 11 million unlawful immigrants will help grow the U.S. economy. It is true that overall GDP may appear to be bigger if currently under-the-table business activities are included, but it is not a healthy and sustainable growth, as it is associated with enormous government expenses...

The “Gang of Eight” immigration bill could lead to much higher taxes for both individuals and businesses within the foreseeable future. The reality is, in order to attract millions of additional voters who are also dependents of numerous government welfare programs, the GOP will sooner or later have to change its position on "low taxes, small government." The GOP will no longer be the same...

Possible Conflict With Baby Boomer Retirees

Americans should be aware that there could be a financial conflict between currently unlawful immigrants and American Baby Boomer retirees 10 years from now. 2023 is likely the peak year for Baby Boomer retirement. Many of these retirees will have to depend on retirement income from Social Security...

Debt and Taxes Discourage Skilled Immigrants

The U. S. already has $16.7 trillion in national debt. On average, this amounts to about $53,000 in debt per American, including babies and retirees, which is approximately the annual median income per household. Americans will be struggling to pay back all this debt for a very long time. However, politicians are not afraid to add trillions more in debt for younger Americans to pay...


If this amnesty bill passes Congress and becomes the law, the U.S. may be at risk to lose a portion of its wealthy and upper-middle-class people, due to sharp tax increases and an unbalanced social structure...