Immigration Reform Is Designed to Fail

Article author: 
John Walk
Article publisher: 
Western Free Press
Article date: 
16 April 2013
Article category: 
National News
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Here we go again. The masterminds in Congress come up with a hopelessly complex piece of legislative mishmash, pass it quickly with hardly any scrutiny, defy the public’s skepticism, and wait for it to fail before they finally get their way.

That is where we are headed with the much touted immigration reform bill due to hit the streets this week...

The immigration reform juggernaut is eerily reminiscent of the passage of Obamacare...

President Obama and his Democratic colleagues want single-payer health care. When Obamacare fails, they will throw up their collective hands and say there is no answer except passage of a single-payer health system, which is what they wanted all along.

Drafted by the so-called Gang of Eight, the immigration reform bill ... will be complex and costly with implementation left in the hands of thousands of bureaucrats. When it fails, and the verdict on failure will come sooner rather than later, leaders of both parties will surrender and grant full-scale amnesty with the shaky pledge that the border is secure.

Immigration reform has always been a political issue and never an attempt to create sound public policy. It is a rush to the ballot box by Democrats and Republicans alike. The Democrats clearly have the upper hand with Hispanic voters; the Republicans desperately want in on the action...

Ignored amidst all the noise and squabbling in Washington will be the taxpayers who will foot the bill and live with the consequences...

In the end, the politicians will not stand for delay. They want to get their hands on all those new voters as soon as possible.

We can expect passage of some form of immigration reform this year. Then the countdown to failure will begin. Like Obamacare, it will not take long for implementation of reform to sink in the quicksand of regulation and cost. Then it will be declared a dead letter. The politicians will get the amnesty and the voters they have sought along.