Inconvenient Truths About Middle Easterners Inside Central American Caravans.

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The Epoch Times
Article date: 
6 November 2018
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National News
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As the official network of the anti-Trump Resistance, CNN is known these days less for the journalistic prowess that led it to dominate cable news than for journalistic posturing and preaching. It’s anti-Trump 24/7/365, and the abandonment of its core values has cost it dearly, in terms of both ratings and reputation....

For students of asymmetrical warfare, the use of refugee flows as cover to insert a fifth column of insurgents wouldn’t be surprising in the least. And it takes less than a minute of googling to find information on how Middle Easterners have, in fact, been showing up on the southern border with increasing frequency, courtesy of sophisticated and very far-flung human smuggling networks. And a significant complement of them has been found to have ties to terror groups who find our lax asylum-seeking procedures quite appealing.
Cooper and Jones had to work hard not to bring that into the discussion, preferring to look at the issue in terms of its Election Day salience rather than its implications for national security. The idea of Middle Easterners using the caravan as a cover was anathema—an insult to refugees and to a proud U.S. tradition of offering sanctuary to them. In doing so, CNN completely ignored one of the most knowledgeable intelligence analysts on the subject—former Texas state counterterrorism analyst Todd Bensman, who was actually traveling to New York for a speaking appearance the next day in an event sponsored by the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, where Bensman has become the senior fellow for national security....
“It is absolutely true that people who have terrorist backgrounds or backgrounds in terrorism do get here, and that Middle Easterners showing up on the border seeking asylum are very much part of the mix,” Bensman said. “Three to four thousand every year on the border with Mexico alone. Trump is right about that and a lot of people on the inside who know he’s right can’t say anything out loud, because the intelligence is highly classified and because it throws a dark political cloud over the broader issue of Latin American immigration. But he is right.”
In the past, such migrants were known to U.S. border agents as “Other Than Mexicans” or OTM’s for short, or “exotics” in Texas law-enforcement slang. But the term used now to classify them is “Special Interest Aliens” or SIAs. According to Bensman, there are currently about 25 countries in the Middle East, South Asia, and the Horn of Africa, from where these SIAs originate....
In fact, the threat level associated with SIAs is now higher than before Trump took office....