Incredibly biased news coverage of Tancredo and Malkin - Stand With ICE rally

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3 September 2019
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Colorado News
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Former Congressman Tom Tancredo and journalist Michelle Malkin held a rally on Labor Day outside the ICE detention facility in Aurora, Colorado. Temperatures approached 100 degrees, yet hundreds of American patriots attended the rally in support of immigration law enforcement.

Read more about Michelle Malkin's effort to rally Americans for immigration law enforcement: Get Off the Sidelines: #StandWithICE, by Michelle Malkin, August 28, 2019.

A 12 minute video of the event can be viewed at Michelle Malkin's twitter feed: God bless America #standwithice. Notice Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform's "Detect Detain Deport" sign that an attendee was carrying. Read more at #standwithice.

This article covers the event: HUNDREDS JOIN Headliners Michelle Malkin and Tom Tancredo at First #StandWithICE Rally at Aurora Detention Center (VIDEO): "Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo and Randy Corporon will headline the first #StandWithICE rally today in Aurora, Colorado at the Aurora ICE Detention Center....

The rally is being held at the same facility where in July, the American flag was removed and vandalized and then replaced with the Mexican flag by open border fanatics and Antifa thugs."

This article covers the purpose of the rally: Stand with ICE rally taking place in Aurora, Colorado on Labor Day, Colorado Citizen Press, September 1, 2019.

Incredibly biased mainstream media coverage

We haven't found much mainstream media coverage of the rally. We did, however, come across this 9 News story and video: 'Stand with ICE' rally turns into screaming match outside detention facility, 9 News, September 2, 2019:

Supporters of President Trump gathered outside the ICE detention facility in Aurora for a "Stand with ICE" rally Monday. It was planned after protestors took down an American flag at the facility back in July.

Note that the video caption states "Supporters of President Trump gathered". This was not a rally in support of Trump; participants were there to support immigration law enforcement.

The video focus exclusively on counter protesters who showed up to disrupt the rally. No coverage was provided of the main speakers.

As of early September 3, 2019, we have not seen other mainstream media coverage of this significant rally. A media blackout appears to be in effect.


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