India Stripping Illegals’ Children of Citizenship - Hope Trump Notices!

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James Kirkpatrick
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Article date: 
29 February 2020
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National News
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India’s massive welcome for President Donald J. Trump last week showed it will remain a real nation-state into the next century—while America probably won’t [India rolls out the MAGA carpet for Trump, by Anita Kumar, Politico, February 24, 2020]. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is implementing common-sense citizenship laws to protect India’s national identity. Much like China, India is consolidating itself as an empire with a solid ethno-religious core. Its laws provide a model for how a nationalist American government could undo at least some of the damage from decades of out-of-control immigration. But rather than imitating them, Trump is using the visit to make an identity-politics appeal to Indian-American voters who will never support him anyway....

If anything this is too soft, as it is effectively Amnesty for illegals. Why, after all, should Muslims need “refugee” status from Muslim majority countries? Excluding a group that doesn’t need real protection is common sense. Pakistan exists for a reason....

There have been recent violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims over the citizenship laws [At least 32 dead in riots over Indian citizenship laws, RTE, February 27, 2020]. But this basically proves the government’s point: Why should it want a hostile, undocumented Muslim population in the country when there is a neighboring country, explicitly created for Muslims? If these riots show anything, it’s that diversity is not a strength....