Interview: Obama’s End of the USA via fomenting Foreign Invasion

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Sher Zieve
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Canada Fred Press
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28 June 2014
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Our American Future
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It has been a few years since I’ve talked and, subsequently, interviewed former USBP Supervisor David J. Stoddard (Ret). In my opinion—and that of many others—there really is no better information source than Dave for what is currently transpiring at and on our Southern Border.

David J. Stoddard BIO: US Border Patrol Supervisor David J Stoddard (Ret) was with the US Border Patrol for 27 years. David served in Calexico, California, Vermont, Yuma, Tucson Sector Headquarters and Naco, Arizona and worked in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other locations.

Dave also provided testimony about immigration reform to Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner’s (R-WI) House Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims in 1999 and a Congressional subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources in 2002.

The Interview

Sher: Dave, it’s been a long time since we last spoke about the problems on our Southern border; problems that have recently reached crisis if not catastrophe mode for all US citizens. Thanks so much for your time, today. It appears that thousands of illegal immigrants [aliens] including the drug cartels, human traffickers, Latin gangs Islamists and even their ISIS members are crossing our border at will, now, due to Obama’s illegal open border policy. Have you had Intel reports as to what’s really going on at what used to be our Southern border that you can share with the readers or been there, recently, yourself?

Dave: I live on the Mexican border and I get reports from other border residents in addition to what I observe myself... I can tell you, without equivocation, that border enforcement has been curtailed to such a degree that it is practically non-existent. But the non-enforcement phenomenon is also all over the USA.

Foreign national criminals have been released on the street after serving their sentences for major crimes. The recent admission from the Obama administration is that 38,000 illegal aliens were released in America instead of being deported. (If Obama admitted to releasing 38,000, the real figure must be three times that number.) ...

The problem is not just with the Mexican border. The USA is importing Muslim extremists that establish enclaves in various locations, such as in Minnesota, Maine and Michigan where Muslims are granted refugee status and given taxpayer money, placed on the public dole, granted government housing and free medical care. In Minnesota,  the state is paying taxi fares for Muslims to keep medical appointments. These “immigrants” are not assimilating into American society. They are turning their enclaves into miniature versions of the hell-holes they “fled”.  Take for example, Dearborn, Michigan, where they observe Shari’a law and scorn every other law. In this day in age, we are importing a 5th column which needs to be monitored closely and not celebrated as examples of “diversity”. They hate all things Western except for the America dollar which flows to them so freely. We are witnessing a world-wide effort to establish a caliphate. How long until our imported Muslims make a move to force us into such a Caliphate? Some reading this will scoff and think to themselves, “They are moderate Muslims and don’t present a danger”. The fact is, there is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim.

Any self-professing Muslim who does not follow Allah’s command to kill the Jew and behead the infidel is an apostate Muslim and they are scorned by fundamentalist Muslims. But…. do you see American Muslims rising up against the fundamentalists? I don’t. Silence is acquiescence....

Sher: ...And, although I am personally convinced all of this was planned and implemented by the Obama-Jarrett team in order to change the voting dynamics to Democrat, overwhelm the legal population and demographics in the United States and allow entry of hundreds and thousands of additional Muslim Brotherhood members, recently the White House actually took credit for “some” of the problem. As early as 2005, the Washington Times reported that the order for our USBP Agents to not arrest illegals coming across the border was given and continued the “stand down” orders through 2011 until the present day. Doesn’t that smack of intentional destruction of the country?

Dave: I agree that there are efforts to “fundamentally change America”, but I think those efforts started when Obama took office in 2008. He promised to change America. The day Obama took office, he brought Cecilia Munoz into the White House as policy maker. (Cecilia Munoz was President of the National Council of La Raza, a subversive, racist organization. Check their web site). She has been making immigration policy ever since, although she has some other politically correct title.

The Border Patrol has been chained by politically correct politicians for decades. Border Patrol Officers are forbidden to go into cities where illegal aliens reside. They are forbidden to check employees and forbidden to enforce the law anywhere except in a very narrow ribbon of land that extends along our border from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California. And, even within this very narrow ribbon, enforcement must be politically correct and nobody can be offended.....