It's NOT Just Central/South Americans — 157 Terrorists

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157 Terrorists Who Were Caught Trying to Enter America Illegally
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DC Dirty Laundry
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4 June 2019
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National News
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As you read through this article, it is important to ask yourself one very important question…

How many have made it through?

I came across a November 2018 article by Todd Bensman today and I thought I should share part of it with you. This is NOT just about poor Central and South Americans looking for a better life. This is also about a bunch of people, with bad intentions, who would love to destroy America. They are already here and reinforcements are arriving every day.

Check out this excerpt from Bensman’s article:

Dirty Politics: Amazon Offered Job to Pentagon Official While Pursuing $10 Billion Defense Contract

This prosecution demonstrates the vigilance of the federal government in detecting and disabling individuals who seek to enter the country illegally with the purpose of doing harm. We will continue to be aggressive in protecting our borders and seeking severe punishment for those who violate our laws.

— Western District of Texas U.S. Attorney Robert Pittman, speaking of the sentencing of a Somali al-Shabaab terrorist who crossed the Mexico-Texas border, July 25, 2013.

So what kind of bad individuals have tried to cross our border and been apprehended? Here is a short list from Bensman’s CIS article:...