Jack Phillips Is Back in Court

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National Review
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21 June 2024
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Colorado News
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America’s favorite baker, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop, is back in front of the Colorado supreme court today for yet another round of state-sponsored persecution. The question before the court: Does the First Amendment apply in Colorado, or can the state continue to harass, target, and bully speakers who don’t ascend to the state’s view of cultural issues, in direct contradiction of recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings?

That is not hyperbole. The Supreme Court already ruled once that Colorado unconstitutionally targeted Phillips for his religious beliefs. It also ruled a year ago that the application of Colorado law to compel speech violates the First Amendment. One might believe that Colorado didn’t get the message, but that’s false. It did — it simply chose to ignore it. A Colorado trial court already ruled that Phillips must bake a cake celebrating a “gender transition.” An appeals court agreed. Now, Colorado’s highest court — the same one that kicked Donald Trump off the state’s ballot before the Supreme Court unanimously reversed — will decide what comes next for Phillips. 

Though the court heard oral arguments today, everyone with a modicum of intelligence knows what the constitutional answer is. Phillips knows that Colorado is acting illegally. The court knows that Colorado is acting illegally. The state itself knows that it is acting illegally. They all know that the Supreme Court will reverse a ruling against Phillips. They are all aware that basic constitutional principles and Supreme Court precedent are applicable. But as has become a new tradition in American life, the Left abuses, twists, and contorts the law to antagonize and punish religious conservatives...

Phillips will win eventually once more, of course, but here the process is obviously the punishment...