Japanese Refuse To Declare Foreigners Born In Japan To Be Japanese Citizens

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Common sense abounds in Japan
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21 December 2016
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National News
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Cultural Marxists continue to target Japan for being Japanese. One of their methods is shameless baby waving; sob stories designed to evoke sympathy for sad sack refugee claimants, but their interest is not one particular refugee or family, their interest is making Japan less Japanese. And the English language press in Japan is relentless. The current craze in the CultMarx press is the children of failed refugees.

The latest is Gursewak Singh. He thinks he is Japanese. He is not Japanese. Being born in Japan was a matter of happenstance, or more accurately, a deliberate act by his illegal alien parents.

Just as India is an expression of her peoples and religions, Japan is a reflection of her one people and unique culture; Japan is an ethnostate. It is a nation, a people, a polity, and a culture. Japan wants to remain Japanese, but Gursewak Singh wants to change that. He is Indian, a Sikh, and a South Asian. He does not look Japanese, he does not practice Japanese culture, he does not dress Japanese, he does not practice a Japanese religion, and despite speaking Japanese, he is not Japanese.

Japan deals with immigration in the best interests of the Japanese people, culture, and nation. But many want to impose multiculturalism and anarchy on Japan and the Japanese, just as those same people want to destroy the white West  and Christendom with immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity...

Wisely, Japanese nationality law does not provide for birthright citizenship–mere birth does not make a person born in Japan a Japanese citizen, unless the parents are Japanese. It’s especially wise because it prohibits illegal aliens from anchoring themselves in Japan by giving birth...



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