Jared trying to broker a major immigration compromise for some reason

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Hot Air
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11 February 2019
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National News
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... Kushner’s thinking big — not “DREAM for wall” but bigger, trying to see if he can cobble something together that brings everyone aboard a la his success on criminal justice reform. He’s going to try to solve America’s longstanding immigration stalemate just like he’s trying to, er, solve the Middle East.

But what is there to talk about?...
His problem is Democrats.... If either side is going to need extra concessions to make a deal, it’s Pelosi’s party, not Trump’s....
After going to the mat on it, Trump simply can’t accept a deal that lacks wall funding now. It doesn’t matter what else is in there — comprehensive e-Verify, some new limits to legal immigration (which Democrats will never agree to), etc. If he doesn’t get the wall, he loses, period....
If I’m right about that then Kushner’s quest for a deal is dead on arrival. He could try to go small, some sort of temporary relief for DACA recipients in exchange for generic border security funding, but Trumpers won’t like that. They want the wall and they certainly don’t want to do anything for DREAMers if they’re not getting it....
He could have built the wall without giving up anything, via an emergency decree, and instead he chose to sign the biggest amnesty in decades?
It’s unfathomable. The idea of an emergency declaration is another case of bad strategy by Trump, not because it irritated Democrats and made them less likely to make concessions (although it did that too) but because it created a certain expectation among his own supporters. ...