Jobs Creators Network Slams Biden Regime’s Weak Jobs Report

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Worst Jobs Report of the Year
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9 October 2021
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National News
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The Jobs Creators Network reacted to President Joe Biden’s terrible jobs report, blaming his “failed policies” and radical agenda for “wrecking small businesses” across the country.
“This was the worst jobs report of the year and a clear indictment of President Biden’s failed policies,” the President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, Alfredo Ortiz, said in a statement on Friday, shortly after the job numbers were released....
“Even the termination of Biden’s overly-generous unemployment benefits – which kept workers on the sidelines for almost half a year – failed to stimulate job growth because Biden’s agenda is wrecking small businesses,” Ortiz added. “Higher taxes, vaccine mandates, record spending triggering rapid inflation – this is all part of Biden’s ‘War on Small Business.'”
The jobs report from the Labor Department was released on Friday, showing the disastrous report for Biden. The U.S. economy only added 194,000 jobs in September, along with the unemployment rate only falling by 0.4 percent (4.8 percent total)....

... But more significantly from’s point of view—and eerily unmentioned in Regime commentary—it finally showed the dramatic increase in the immigrant workforce and in immigrant displacement of U.S. workers that the paralyzed labor market and Biden’s Border Rush would suggest.

The Labor Department’s September Job release found that employers added 194,000 jobs last month, a far cry from the 500,000 analysts expected. For the second straight month those analysts strained mightily to explain their big miss.....
Our analysis of the Household Survey: indicates immigrant workers garnered more than 60% of the September job gains....
In contrast, for most of 2020, the population of working-age immigrants declined year-over-year. This far exceeded the net exodus during the 2008 Great Recession, and the brief net exodus during Trump’s first year, when his mere presence seems to have jawboned illegals into fleeing.
The immigrant Workforce population started growing again only in December 2020—when the election results spurred a renewed invasion. Its full effect on displacement is only beginning to be felt....

Biden Regime to Install 'Bolshevik' Saule Omarova to Nationalize Banks (Video), RAIR Foundation, October 7, 2021:

... There is no doubt that Biden’s pick to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a Marxist. She wrote her thesis about Karl Marx, she studied at Moscow State University and she received a scholarship named after Vladimir Lenin.
But it has not been reported, until now, that an image referring to Saule Omarova, Robert Hockett and the late Lynn Stout as the “Bolshevik contingent of Cornell’s finance group” has surfaced....
Saule Omarova and Robert Hockett wrote a paper together that all-but-explicitly recommends the nationalization of banks:
"We can envision, for example, a national development bank, organized as a public-private partnership in which the public takes the lead investment-management role."
This author must highlight the phrase “public-private partnership”, which is just a dog-whistle toward a government takeover of industry. The same can be said about “regulation” on a smaller scale. The left loves to regulate industry, as more regulation means more government control....
The IRS Wants Direct Access to Bank Account Information
Giving the federal government complete control over banks is in line with the democrat’s unconstitutional push to snoop on bank accounts with over $600. As summarized by Wyoming Senators John Barrasso and Cynthis Lummis: 
"Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants Democrats to force banks to tell the IRS every time you write or deposit a check above a certain amount. The number they are talking about is $600. This dangerous provision brings the IRS directly into your bank account."
Watch a jaw-dropping exchange with Janet Yellen and Senator Cynthis Lummis, where Yellen defends the bank snooping move by stating that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) already has tons of private information. Further, she says, the IRS needs access to accounts with over $600 so Americans don’t “game the system”:...