Judge Dismisses ACLU Lawsuit Over Teller County Sheriff Cooperation With ICE

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The Benavidez bill would turn Colorado into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.
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23 February 2019
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Colorado News
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The Teller County Sheriff's Office and the ACLU of Colorado have agreed to dismiss a lawsuit regarding the sheriff's cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
The lawsuit focused on whether Sheriff Jason Mikesell had the authority to enforce federal immigration law. Mikesell is one of the few sheriffs in Colorado who is willing to cooperate with ICE by holding inmates for up to 48 hours after they would normally be released, an action also known as an ICE detainer....
The two sides also worked out an information-sharing protocol that will require the attorney representing the sheriff's office to send records to the ACLU of Colorado within fourteen days of an ICE detainer being placed on a Teller County Jail inmate.
Lawyers from both sides agree that this dismissal is not necessarily a victory or a loss for anyone....

Colorado lawmakers are looking to block sheriff's offices from cooperating with ICE. Representative Adrienne Benavidez has introduced a bill that would prohibit state and local officials from enforcing federal immigration law. The bill is in committee.


The Benavidez bill would turn Colorado into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.