July Jobs: Immigrants Gain Jobs At Twice The American Rate

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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4 August 2014
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Our American Future
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...none of the Main Stream Media reports of the July job numbers released Friday factored in immigrant displacement of American workers, although the phenomenon caused a brief MSM sensation in June. President Obama was able to boast at his press conference about job growth without fear that anyone would point out that essentially all new jobs since 2000 have gone to immigrants. At VDARE.com, we’ve been patiently reporting displacement every month since 2004. This month’s news: it’s back in full force.

The July job growth figure—209,000—was tepid compared to the (revised) 298,000 reported in June. Of course, Wall Street likes a slowing job market, because it suggests the Fed will not withdraw its monetary medicine anytime soon, the stock market bubble will continue to inflate, making the rich richer and…well, you know. But the “other” job survey, based upon households rather than businesses, suggests that Main Street is already in a funk.

The Household Survey reports a sub-par 131,000 jobs were created last month, pushing unemployment (which is based on the Household Survey) up to 6.2%. To put this in context, remember that as many as 90,000 new jobs per month are needed to absorb the ongoing influx of one million or so immigrants allowed to enter each year. And that’s just the legal immigrants.

Our analysis of the Household data finds that foreign-born workers—legal and illegal—gained jobs at twice the rate of native-born Americans last month:

In July:

  • Total employment rose by 131,000, or by 0.09%
  • Native-born American employment rose by 93,000 or by 0.08%
  • Foreign-born employment rose by 38,000, or by 0.16%

July’s job picture marked a resumption of the displacement of native-born American workers by immigrants that has been a fact of life during the Obama years...