Junk mail voting trial run

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Surveillance Camera Captures 'Huge Pile Of Mail' Dumped In California Parking Lots
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Zero Hedge
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8 September 2020
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National News
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Several bags of mail were dumped in two Glendale, California parking lots, with one dumping caught by a surveillance camera, according to KTLA. ...

The second incident was captured on video outside 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics.
"It happened early in the morning, 5:40, and it was a Budget rental, big truck, that backed up to the parking lot. And they’re like, slowly, one by one, they’re dropping the packages," said Lilia Serobian, one of the owners of the spa, adding that the "huge pile" contained various sizes of packages, and all of it was US mail....
In Nevada, more than 223k ballots were returned undelivered and over 100k were sent back in little Rhode Island. In New York, large numbers of ballots were rejected. “19% in Queens and Manhattan and 28% in Brooklyn.” Additionally, they didn’t declare a winner in some races for a MONTH AFTERWARDS. In Paterson, New Jersey, 20% of the ballots were rejected and 4 men were charged with voter fraud. In Michigan this year, over 10,000 ballots were rejected and 846 ballots from dead voters were found. 40,000 ballots were rejected in Michigan and another 23,000 ballots didn’t make the cut in Wisconsin. Overall, the Washington Post noted over half a million ballots were rejected across 23 states this year.