Kobach: Biden’s Immigration: It’s not an Unintended Crisis; It’s a Planned Event

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Kris W. Kobach
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22 March 2021
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National News
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The Biden Administration has been touchy about using the word “crisis” to describe the catastrophic flow of illegal aliens across our border ever since he took office. Most Republicans think it’s because of the Administration’s reluctance to admit failure. More likely, it’s because they don’t see it as a failure at all. In fact, their plans are succeeding – just a little bit more than they had expected.
The Biden Administration intentionally caused a surge of migrants across the border, and it started on the first day of Biden’s presidency. He announced a 100-day “pause” in deportations. That sent an immediate and undeniable signal to people in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. Migrants understood it as:  “You have 100 days to make it to the United States—if you make it in, you get to stay.”...
ICE officers report that the situation is desperate. They are unable to remove more than 80 percent of the aliens who would have been removed from the country under Trump Administration protocols. ...
As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Biden Administration compounded the 100-day pause and the new ICE guidelines with the ending of Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which forced asylum applicants to wait in Mexico for their future asylum hearings in American immigration courts. As I have written previously, this was a crucial reform because approximately 90% of the asylum claims are ultimately rejected; consequently, many of the applicants disappear into the fabric of American society and never show up for the hearing. ...
So who benefits from this absurd reality?  First and foremost, the Mexican cartels. They have seen their trafficking numbers triple. And it’s not just human trafficking; it’s drug trafficking too.
But cynical politicians on the Left also benefit. They succeeded in turning California blue over the past two decades by replacing U.S. citizen voters with low-income migrants who vote overwhelmingly Democrat. New Mexico followed, along with Arizona which in the process of flipping. But Texas is the ultimate target....


Deputy Border Patrol Chief: ‘Way Over 100,000 People’ ‘Have Gotten Away from Us This Year’, Breitbart, April 5, 2021.

America’s Immigration Catastrophe, by Edward Ring, March 21, 2021:

With a compliant occupant back in the Oval Office, America’s immigration policy reverts to a strategy that all but guarantees further social disunity and destruction of the middle class. It is important to emphasize, however, that resumption of a loose and thoughtless immigration policy is not by itself enough to destroy life in America as we know it. The political and cultural environment into which we feed new immigrants is equally, if not more, to blame.
President Biden’s actions since taking office less than two months ago, without exception, are designed to make things worse on both counts. Here’s a partial list of those actions compiled by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.
Biden has placed a moratorium on deportations of criminal aliens. He’s sent a bill to Congress that includes amnesty, reduced border security, and expanded refugee resettlement. He issued executive orders reducing immigrant vetting and greatly increasing refugee admissions—including so-called “climate change” refugees. He’s scrapped implementation of Trump’s H-1B visa lottery reforms. He’s abolished the “remain in Mexico” program, meaning the Border Patrol has to revert to the practice of catch-and-release. He’s watered down the civics test required for naturalization. He cancelled the immigrant visa suspension put in place during the pandemic. And he’s reinstating chain migration and policies whereby families can reunite and relocate to the U.S., receiving a range of benefits from tuition assistance to legal advice.
Not least, claiming “declaration of a national emergency at our southern border was unwarranted,” Biden has canceled further construction of a border wall....

AP tells reporters to not call the border crisis a “crisis”, Independent Sentinel, March 27, 2021: They don’t report the news. They report Democrat talking points now.

Endless Waves of Migrants Fleeing Poverty Overwhelm Border Patrol, Breitbart, march 28, 2021.

CAIRCO notes

Ansrew Wilkow remarked on Sirius XM patriot channel on March 22, 2021 that the the Trump administration managed immigration policy so as to favor working Americans. That is, to limit the supply of workers so that employers had to compete for workers and thus pay higher wages. Conversely, the Biden regime is managing immigration policy to overwhelm labor supply in order to provide cheap labor for corporate interests.

This has reversed the traditional roles of the two major parties. Democrats are no longer interested in promoting the interests of Working Americans.

The Democrat immigration policy also aims to bring in millions of new Democrat voters who will receive public benefits that you, the taxpayer, will have to pay for.