Koch Network Plans $70 Million to Block Trump from GOP Nomination

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The Last Refuge
Article date: 
28 June 2023
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National News
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As if on cue, here comes another billionaire group by well-established political control agents in yet another multimillion effort to block President Trump. This time it’s Koch and his Americans for Prosperity network.

The Koch groups are planning to spend $70 million in their effort to eliminate the support of Donald Trump in 2024.

However, what will be interesting will be to watch how the downstream media networks attack Trump in order to get a piece of the spending allotment...

Truthfully, this is all so brutally transparent it is becoming farcical...

... Trump has something none of this can defeat – he has the support of a massive number of Americans who are taking a stand with President Trump as our gloriously imperfect vessel to destroy it all.

It is the most remarkable moment in history as one man stands the gap and fearlessly faces down the combined effort of decades of political corruption. It truly is inspiring...