Kris Kobach’s Gutsy New Lawsuit Strikes at The Very Heart of Biden’s Border Plot

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25 July 2021
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National News
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... Under Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, ICE agents have been barred from deporting or even detaining illegal immigrants in the U.S. without explicit permission from senior leadership, unless an illegal immigrant has been convicted of certain “aggravated felonies,” is a suspected terrorist, or meets a tiny set of other possible requirements.

Earlier this month, a coalition of local sheriffs, Texas counties, and federal ICE officers teamed up to sue the Biden Administration for its willful enactment of de facto open borders. And the lawsuit is led by a familiar face to American patriots: Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach is participating as general counsel for the Alliance for Free Citizens, a new non-profit group focused on litigation and state-level action as a means to achieve policy goals that put the interests of Americans first....

Revolver spoke with Kobach about his lawsuit, U.S. immigration policy, and the political future of the Republican Party....

The impact of the Biden Administration ordering ICE to stand down has been dramatic...

The most important thing that can happen right now is for this lawsuit to succeed, so that ICE officers can be allowed to do their work again.  That would enable ICE to make a dent in this onslaught of illegal immigration....

At a time like this, the country needs attorneys general who are unafraid to sue the Biden Administration when it violates the law or the Constitution. Right now, Ken Paxton of Texas is leading the charge, bringing multiple lawsuits against the Biden Administration. But he can’t carry the load alone. If I am elected Kansas Attorney General, Kansas will stand alongside Texas in bringing multiple lawsuits to stop the lawlessness of the Biden Administration.