Kritarchs Block Remain In Mexico: Trump Should Close The Border

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8 March 2020
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National News
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The kritarchs in the 9th Circus Court of Appeals has ruled that the Remain In Mexico policy for asylum seekers arriving at the Mexico-US border is illegal. I, of course, am responsible for this Trump Administration policy. I was the one who advised the Administration that they had a number of alternatives to stop this wave of fraudulent asylum claims deliberately organized by alien smugglers, including arresting the smugglers who are here in the United States running their conspiracy, deploying the Brown Water Navy, closing the border by holding Mexico responsible for this flood, and, of course, just enforcing current law that says any alien applying for admission at a land border who is found inadmissible must wait outside the United States for their immigration court hearing....

To summarize, the Immigration and Nationality Act is quite specific on aliens who apply for admission at the border and are found inadmissible. They must wait in either Canada or Mexico, depending on which country they applied from. There is no question as to if this is legal, it is the law....

The U.S. government says it is sending 160 military police and engineers to two official border crossings to deal with asylum seekers in case a federal appeals court strikes down one of the Trump administration’s key policies....

This decision by the 9th Circus kritarchs is illegal. The Trump Administration has a number of options. The first, and most desirable, is the Andrew Jackson Option; ignore the order and continue on with Remain In Mexico, publicly claiming that the law is quite clear that the policy is legal and that the Supreme Court has already ruled that the President can exclude any alien under Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Put the kritarchs in their place. An object lesson to the usurpers.

The second option is the give the kritarchs a little jujitsu: follow my recommendations to Stephen Miller. Notify the Mexican government that it and its citizens will be held responsible for any third-country alien who enters or attempts to enter the United States....

The solutions to this kritarch problem are very simple. I don’t object to sending the Military Police to the border, but there are better solutions.