Largest 10 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ May Lose $2.27 Billion in Federal Funding

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21 February 2017
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National News
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Originally published January 27, 2017

The ten most populous cities where local leaders shield illegal immigrants from federal law could lose $2.27 billion in federal funds, a Reuters analysis has found.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other large cities could lose federal funding for housing, education, airport improvements, HIV treatment, and more...

Under former mayor Rudy Giuliani, New York City forbid city employees from sharing information about immigrants and aliens to defend his sanctuary city policy after losing a Supreme Court battle. “Six days later, several visa-overstayers participated in the most devastating attack on the city and the country in history,” on 9/11, conservative commentator Heather MacDonald pointed out.

The families of Kate Steinle and Sarah Root lost their daughters when illegal aliens in sanctuary jurisdictions killed them...



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