The Largest, Best Funded Voter Fraud Operation in US History Happening Before Your Eyes

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DC Clothesline
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14 March 2015
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Our American Future
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Within the first couple of months of Obama’s illegal immigration executive action, at least ninety thousand Social Security cards were issued to illegal aliens.  Now Republican Senators led by Ben Sasse and Jeff Sessions are asking the Obama administration to answer questions on how many additional social security cards were issued..

Social Security cards are keys to the kingdom for illegal aliens.  With them, they are able to access a number of all sorts of benefits, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, Social Security disability payments or Social Security’s supplemental income program... The senators have yet to connect the dots in Obama’s real scheme.  Let me help them out...

One of the documents accepted for registering to vote is... Social Security cards.  This is dot number one.  But administration officials don’t dare instruct the illegals on how to vote and many might not trust them.  The Washington Times explains how easy it would be to add millions of new voters through the democrat’s illegal amnesty.

So how do you get around this?  Simple.  You have La Raza [The Race] do it.  Yes, La Raza actually teaches illegal immigrants where and how to register and vote.  ... La Raza couldn’t possibly handle the volume or afford to spend the kind of money necessary  to facilitate such a huge undertaking...

What if we add the former ACORN into the mix?  No, they aren’t defunct, they just use the democratic playbook, which calls for changing the name of ACORN to NeighborWorks America.  That may answer the manpower problem to a large extent, but what about the massive amount of money that would be needed?
Both NeighborWorks America and La Raza have found a huge funding source. The DOJ has sued several banks and made settlements in which the banks have paid 24 billion in fines.  One of the banks, CitiCorp was also ordered to pay $50 million to La Raza and NeighborWorks America as part of the settlement.  But wait, it doesn’t stop there.  Another clause in the agreement makes it possible for La Raza and NeighborWorks America to rake in even larger amounts of money.
Of the remaining money the banks needed to pay in settlements, the banks were able to contribute additional money to La Raza and NeighborWorks America.  For every dollar they contribute, it reduces their debt to the government by 2 dollars.  That’s some mighty powerful incentive to give generously...
So now, with Social Security cards, manpower and tons of money to go along with the two years before the next presidential election, the largest and most successful voter fraud campaign may alter the course of the elections not to mention the future of the United States.