Leftist Chattering Class Says Walls Are Racist, but Peter Kirsanow Shows Otherwise

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Brenda Walker
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Limits to Growth
Article date: 
13 January 2019
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National News
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The anti-Trump gaggle remains stuck on their “racism” accusation against the president — as if that is the only reason to enforce immigration law and borders. The basic law of supply and demand says that an excess of something (like products or labor) reduces its value, while a shortage increases its worth. Which is why business wants open borders so the availability of cheap workers is essentially unlimited.

Plus, in the real world, calling Trump a racist for immigration enforcement is particularly ignorant for a black man to say as seen in a clip in the video below, because working class black Americans arguably benefit the most from pruning down the firehose supply of subservient illegal workers.

US Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow came to the Tucker Carlson show on Monday armed with facts about how illegal immigration substantially harms black citizens....

So from a more informed viewpoint, it’s racist to have open borders that allow foreign job thieves to stay and steal from our fellow Americans of African descent.

(Spare video here.)

TUCKER CARLSON [2:35]: Mr. Kirsanow, thank you very much for coming on, as always. So it just seems to me that this line — border walls are racist, secure borders are racist, you don’t like people who look differently from you, if you’re for it, you’re a white supremacist — I mean, this is the definition of propaganda, given who is hurt by these policies.

PETER KIRSANOW: Right, it may be an aspect of projection, if you’re going to give them the best opportunity to describe themselves, and not ascribe to them racism or immorality which they describe to anybody who wants a secure wall, and you’re exactly right: Professor [Vernon] Briggs testified before the Civil Rights Commission. We had a whole host of people testifying before the Civil Rights Commission — the one cohort, the one demographic in the United States of America most harmed, most palpably harmed by illegal immigration are black Americans, and politicians, open-borders politicians know this, they know this because there have been numerous hearings before Congress on this. I’ve testified at a number of these hearings.

George Borjas has testified at a number these hearings; Stephen Camarota testified, and we’ve presented all of this evidence, all of this data that the pernicious effect of illegal immigration, of open borders has had on black Americans in terms of employment: nearly one million fewer blacks work today because of competition from illegal immigration than otherwise would be the case if we had a secure border.

It also depresses wage rates by a tune of $1800 a year. George Borjas estimates that the depressive effects of illegal immigration on wages is anywhere from $99 billion to $118 billion annually, cumulatively, but it has the most significant effect on the black community. And then you have the downstream effects from this economic effect, and that is you have higher crime rates and incarceration rates, lower marriageability rates, because no one gets married when they’re poor, and that has the worst effect on the black community where you’ve got a 72 percent out-of-wedlock birth rate in the black community. But it goes even beyond that. If you take a look at crime rates in the black community, we know that in a number of places — and in fact it’s the Obama administration’s Justice Department that brought indictments and convictions on the basis of illegal immigrant crime gangs that specifically targeted black communities, these were prosecutions by the Obama Justice Department based on racial targeting. Compton used to be 90 percent black; it’s now 30 percent black, and a large part of that is because of this targeting.

Other communities have suffered the same thing, so if you ask yourself what’s racist, I would like to ask members of the Congressional Black Caucus — it’s their moniker, they purportedly have assigned this designation to themselves because they have a peculiar interest with respect to issues pertaining to the black community — ask them about this. Instead they’ve capitulated to the open borders crowd for political reasons because an influx of immigration or illegal immigrants they believe secures them electoral advantage — they’ve thrown blacks under the bus in the process.

CARLSON: You mentioned what has happened to Compton, California. That’s at the very least an interesting story. I don’t think I’ve ever read that in the Washington Post or the New York Times — why?

KIRSANOW: Because it’s contrary to the overriding political narrative. You know, the narrative that says the biggest malady afflicting America today in the era of Trump is white supremacy. Unfortunately this has salience only in elevated academic circles; in the real world, that is not true. What you’re seeing on the ground is economic competition, you’re seeing crime rates, you’re seeing a whole host of things that happen to poor black folks and other Americans, and the elites apparently — they’re either consciously oblivious to it or unconsciously oblivious to it, but a lot of politicians know precisely what’s going on, yet they do nothing about it, and I know they know precisely what’s going on because of the testimonies we’ve given, because of the data we’ve submitted, and they simply ignore it.