The left's assault on American patriotism

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Mike Rosen
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Complete Colorado
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23 April 2024
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Our American Future
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The conventional definition of patriotism is love for and loyalty to one's country...

What has doused that American spirit? The American left.

It’s been a long slog but I’d trace its roots to the 1960s and 70s with the emergence of what came to be called the "New Left." Violent political demonstrations from Vietnam War protestors... were a fertile breeding ground. A major ideological inspiration for the New Left was Herbert Marcuse, a German philosopher in what was called the Frankfurt School in the 1920s, a collection of Marxist academics and intellectuals...

... Marcus... emigrated to the U.S., and while teaching at Harvard in the 1950s told leftist students to forsake violence and instead engage in a "long march through the institutions," especially educational institutions which could be a refuge for radicals...

Another legacy of the Frankfurt School is "critical theory," the application of Marxist social justice and identity politics to all kinds of things like the law, history, race, economics, and culture...

The left’s poisoning of American history is blatant propaganda. To be sure, slavery is anywhere an abomination but why single out the U.S.? It's as old as the dawn of humankind and has been ubiquitous... But the full measure of our country must also consider its virtues and achievements which are second to none in so many fields of human endeavor...

The ultimate death blow was laid out in a 1966 article in the far-left "Nation" magazine by Richard Clowen and Francis Fox Piven, a duo of Marxist revolutionaries at the Columbia University School of Social Work. Their strategy to create a new socialist state, here, was to overwhelm the system by creating crises only the government could solve with enormous spending programs, the weight of which would bring on fiscal collapse. In the aftermath, a popular revolution would follow led by Marxist activists in the name of the poor and legions of dependents on government handouts...


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