Legislators try another bill to bolster Colorado’s hobbled illegal alien driver’s license program, despite earlier failures

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Denver Post
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7 February 2018
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Colorado News
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A group of Colorado lawmakers, including two Republicans, are again trying to ease the application logjam and fix a document glitch for the state’s long embattled driver’s license program for people living in the U.S. illegally.

A proposal of theirs introduced last week in the GOP-controlled Senate would allow applicants to use a Social Security number as part of their application instead of just an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (or ITIN). Allowing only the latter, advocates say, has cut out a host of otherwise-eligible applicants.

The measure, Senate Bill 108, would also allow current license holders to reapply by mail or online instead of through an in-person appointment at one of four Department of Motor Vehicles locations statewide that take them....



How in the world can an illegal alien obtain a Social Security number? The answer, of course, is by obtaining them fraudulently. That is, by using stolen Social Security numbers. 

Which results in the illegal alien being quite well documented, albeit with illegal documents.


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