Lithuania's 'Anti-Migrant" Wall on the Belarusian Border is Complete (Video)

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RAIR Foundation USA
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22 December 2022
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National News
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In response to the influx of migrants from Belarus, Lithuania, like Poland, has started building a wall along its border. It is now complete, but major video surveillance systems have been implemented to combat damage attributed partly to the Belarusian border guards.

Meanwhile, in the United States, thousands of migrants have already surged across the border in December, taking advantage of U.S. President Joe Biden’s weak deportation and border security guidelines. 

Now that the country has finished building a physical barrier and a video surveillance system over 500 kilometers, the border guards can fend for themselves. A wall 4 meters high, including 60 cm of barbed wire, has been built since the summer....

This situation was similar to the crises experienced by Latvia and Poland.