Los Angeles to Stop Honoring Federal Immigration Detainer Requests

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Daniel Nussbaum
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Article date: 
9 July 2014
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National News
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The city of Los Angeles has joined Orange County, Riverside County, and other cities nationwide in ending the practice of holding illegal immigrant [alien]  inmates past their scheduled release dates, characterizing the practice as "unconstitutional" under a recent federal court ruling.,,
ICE, for its part, hopes that Los Angeles law enforcement officers will continue to comply with illegal immigrant detainer requests despite Harris' bulletin, citing safety concerns.
"When law enforcement agencies turn criminals over to ICE rather than releasing them into the community, it enhances public safety and the safety of law enforcement," ICE said in a statement. "To further this shared goal, ICE anticipates that law enforcement agents will comply with immigration detainers."
Late last month, Orange County became the latest municipality to end the controversial illegal immigrant detainers, joining 140 other towns that already have the restriction on the books. According to the Orange County Register, O.C. authorities will instead notify ICE as illegal immigrant inmates are released so that they can be picked up immediately after walking out the jailhouse doors.